Saturday, August 29, 2015

UNLV Hillary Debate Debacle

DNC Screw Up? 1st Debate In NV On Anniversary Of Clinton UNLV Paid Speech Fiasco

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Today, The DNC Announced Its Primary Debate Schedule With The First Debate Being Held In Nevada On October 13. "The Democratic National Committee on Thursday announced its schedule for six presidential debates, which will begin in October and continue through February or March. … The first debate will be on October 13 in Nevada, co-hosted by CNN and the state's Democratic Party, followed by a November 14 debate in Des Moines hosted by CBS, KCCI, and the Des Moines Register." (Jennifer Epstein, "Democrats Set Dates For Six Presidential Debates," Bloomberg, 8/6/15)

October 13 Will Be The One-Year Anniversary That Clinton Bilked The University For More Than $200,000 - Which Included Her "Lavish" Travel

Last Year, Clinton Collected $225,000 For Her October 13 Speech At The University Of Nevada - Las Vegas. "Hillary Clinton will be paid $225,000 to address an Oct. 13 fundraiser for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, a reminder of how much cash the potential Democratic presidential candidate is scooping up on the speaking circuit as she draws GOP criticism for saying she's 'not truly well off.'" (Laura Myers, "Hillary Clinton To Collect $225,000 For Keynote At UNLV Fundraiser," Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/23/14)

Clinton's Contract For Her UNLV Keynote Included A List Of "Lavish Travel Requirements" And Insists That There Be No Recording Of Her Speech. 

RON CLAIBORNE: "More details about Hillary Clinton's lavish travel requirements for a speaking engagement at a college in Nevada. A document obtained by the Las Vegas Review Journal show that Clinton received $225,000 to speak at a fundraiser in October-this coming October at the University Of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

Her contract also requires that she gets a large private jet to travel and a presidential suite at the hotel of her choice.

Clinton also requires that there be no recording of her speech and that the only permitted record of what she says made by a stenographer whose transcription will be given only to Hillary Clinton." (ABC News' "Good Morning America," 8/18/14)

Clinton Insisted "On Staying In The 'Presidential Suite' Of Luxury Hotels That She Chooses" And Jetting Around In A "$39 Million, 16-Passenger Gulfstream G450 Or Larger."  

"She insists on staying in the 'presidential suite' of luxury hotels that she chooses anywhere in the world, including Las Vegas. She usually requires those who pay her six-figure fees for speeches to also provide a private jet for transportation - only a $39 million, 16-passenger Gulfstream G450 or larger will do." (Laura Myers, "High Fashion, Expense For Hillary Travel," Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/16/14)

Clinton's Demands Were Called "Distasteful" And Led To Outrage From UNLV Students Facing A Double-Digit Hike In Tuition

UNLV President Don Snyder Called Some Of Clinton's Demands "Distasteful." 

JON RALSTON: "I assume you've read, the RJ got the contract that Hillary had, I mean that thing looked like it was for Princess Grace or something like that. I mean pay for all the cell phone charges, get her rooms -presidential suite. That isn't the way you travel sir isn't it." 

DON SNYDER: "There's no doubt that some of the things in the contract I find distasteful." (KSNV's " Ralston Reports," 8/27/14)
"The Fee Has Led To Calls By UNLV Students For Clinton To Either Speak For Free Or Donate The Money Back To Students." (Scott Wilson, "Hillary Clinton's $225K UNLV Speech Fee Sparks Uproar," ABC News, 6/26/14)
  • UNLV Student Body President Elias Benjelloun Said Clinton "Should Donate Some Or All Of Her Fee To The University." "In an interview with respected Nevada political journalist Jon Ralston last week, student body President Elias Benjelloun said the potential 2016 presidential contender should donate some or all of her fee to the university." (Katie Glueck, "UNLV Students Balk At Hillary Clinton Talk Fee," Politico, 6/27/14)
  • UNLV Student Leader Daniel Waqar Called Clinton's Speaking Fee "Outrageous" And Said She Should Return The Money. DANIEL WAQAR: "I mean, to be honest, it's not surprising and we really appreciate anybody who would come to raise money for the university. But anybody who's being paid $225,000 to come speak, we think that's a little bit outrageous. And we'd like Secretary Clinton to respectfully, to gracefully return the money back to the university or the foundation." ("Ralston Reports," 6/26/14)
In June 2014, UNLV's Board Of Regents Approved A 17 Percent Tuition Hike Over Four Years. "Nevada's higher education leaders today approved a four-year plan to raise undergraduate tuition at UNLV by 17 percent. The 13-member Board of Regents voted 7-6 to pass the tuition hike over student concerns about the skyrocketing cost of higher education. Starting in fall 2015, UNLV's tuition will go up about four percent annually for four years. That means by 2018, students will pay $6,720 a year, up from $5,745 a year currently." (Paul Takahashi, "Over Student Objections, Tuition At UNLV Going Up 17 Percent," Las Vegas Sun, 6/6/14)
  • The Double-Digit Tuition Increase Complicated "The Optics For Clinton's Payday." "Indeed, Nevada higher education officials signed off on a plan to hike undergraduate tuition at UNLV by 17 percent (roughly 4 percent a year for the next four years), complicating the optics for Clinton's payday." (Scott Wilson, "Hillary Clinton's $225K UNLV Speech Fee Sparks Uproar," ABC News, 6/26/14)

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