Friday, August 28, 2015

Taxation WITH Representation

In 1994 we were invited by Mike Reagan on his radio show to submit testimony to Bill Archer's House Ways and Means Committee hearings on replacing the Income Tax.

Later that year our idea of an efficient, fair, simple, uniform flat tax was published, by the same Government Printing Office, where our beloved Great Aunt Rhoda faithfully worked until she retired.

Our fears of a tax audit proved unfounded. 

Instead, the IRS simply ignored their own rules and just took our money without notice or due process. They refused to sign our registered mail or accept our service for appeal.

Two years after asking Dean Heller and Harry Reid for help, we actually got help from a terrific IRS Las Vegas ombudsman with a refund.

In any event, as a result, our intention to fix the broken income tax system deepened in resolve.

Today, 21 years of reflection and thought later, we suffer a broken tax code, longer than the Bible and more complicated, confusing and contradictory. 

Our careful long-considered solution is to replace the income tax with an automatic fixed tiny transparent transaction tax.

This tax cannot be raised and requires Congress, Courts and Presidents to freeze spending and balance our Federal budget from here on out. No more debilitating debt.

This effective type of tax was propounded by various Presidential Advisers, Nobel Laureates in Economics and a retired Economics Professor in Wisconsin, where Paul Ryan now chairs the House Ways and Means Committee that oversees taxes, and Governor Scott Walker campaigns for President.

So far, politics as usual by the same special interest groups who ride the backs and empty the pockets of the American silent suffering majority, trumped fairness, to the point of approaching our Second American revolution. 

The Automatic Payment Transparent Transaction Tax (APTTT) offers key major advantages over the current failing tax regime including the 22+ involuntary taxes of 0Care.

First, unlike the income tax, APTTT is uniform (fair), as required by our Constitution:

The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States

Second, the income tax bureaucracy carries guns and uses force and lawyers to fine, intimidate and even imprison people. 

APTTT is automatic, impartial, simple and voluntary, whenever we decide we want to transact something.

Third, the special interest income torture tax allows political favorites to pay reduced or zero taxes. 

The income tax requires others to pay large amounts or long hours of involuntary servitude to comply. 

APTTT requires everyone who buys or sells to pay a very small percentage according to our ability to pay. 

This is something already in effect on many consumer, insurance, property and security transactions.

Fourth, because it is tiny and wide, APTTT provides tremendous compound growth and liberation to our American people and productive economy

We can and will replace all other taxes with APTTT when passed by our American Dream Congress that retires politicians in the way of our peace and prosperity.

Imagine a 3 trillion dollar tax break to all US American citizens. 

That works out to $9737 per American citizen.

If the 50 States and more Local Governments in their wisdom adopt APTTT, that would provide another 2.8 trillion dollar tax break, another $8776 to each American Citizen.

What would we all do with an $18,513 tax break? 

Save it, spend it, invest it, our free choice.

All benefits to ourselves and our American economy.

So what is the actual effective tax rate that accomplishes all this?

28 basis points. That's .0028, less than a third of a percent.

The majority of US Americans will rather pay less than a third percent tax, than all the other taxes adding up to over 50% and driving US to the poorhouse.

Here find further important background details:

APTTT is American taxation with representation.

First we have to elect the right people to represent US.

It's well beyond time for more common sense in government.

For this to happen, we must first elect Independent Constitutional Candidates, not beholden to special interest lobbyist funding or owned by billionaires.

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