Sunday, August 16, 2015

2016: Year of the Independent

Politics is the art and science of power, getting the most important three things done at the right time.

Multi-Billionaire Donald Trump, who still leads the polls, perhaps best embodies why 2016 can be the Year of the Independent.

He admitted he bought politicians of all parties for results.

Campaign finance laws do not limit anonymous political contributions for the special interests that hurt the majority of Americans.

Our US Supreme Court, with Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in 2010, decided corporations, unions and anonymous associations are persons with free speech rights too. 

Unlike real people, they do not have a $2700 per election campaign candidate limit. 

This opened the barn door to billionaire candidates taking illegal foreign emoluments for special interests.

Billionaires like low wages for profits. 

2016 Presidential elections will cost all of US $4 Billion in additional lost wages and wealth transferred to the billionaires.

2016 NV US Senate elections will cost Nevadans $100 Million in additional lost wages and wealth transferred to war party or welfare party clients.

Here are interesting numbers and what they may mean:

Nevada is a state with 2,166,233 adults.

1,430,703 Nevadans, two-thirds, registered to vote by the last election. 

1,209,523 Nevadans, a bit more than half of Nevada adults, actually voted.

The winning candidate won about half the actual vote. 

Important government political decisions that affect all of US were in theory decided by around one quarter of the population.

Only they weren't, because billionaires owned candidates likely to win.

As a result, we face oppressive regulation and taxation without representation like that which started the American Revolutionary War.

Today in theory, we suffer two parties, the War Party and the Welfare Party

Both actually vote for the same limited billionaire agenda that ran most American lives into the ground, literally or financially.

We filed for Nevada national office twice. Once in the 2012 Primary and once in the 2014 General Election. We had low budgets and profile to learn the ropes. 

We met many good-natured people concerned about the future of our over-indebted country, but not sure what to do to fix it.

An amateur pundit told us we didn't have a prayer's chance in hell of winning.

Everyone knew three quarters of the people don't vote and try not to care.

Another candidate told us things weren't bad enough yet for an Independent Candidate to win. 

We knew that.

They are now.

Abe Lincoln lost six national elections before he became President at one of the toughest times in our history. Look what he accomplished to keep our country together for better days and decades.

We were happy the winners for the House and Senate races adopted some of our blogs against indefinite detention warfare and illegal welfare bankrupting US.

Facts are, for an Independent Constitutional outsider in Nevada without 100 Million dollars to buy the usual political results, the only way to win one for freedom, peace and prosperity, is to reach enough of our 2,166,233 Nevada adults to register to vote and do so with a clear conscience.

That requires us all to forward this post to all of our family and friends with this message.

Meanwhile, Trump claimed once a candidate of either party was bought, they came through for him.

In other words, a parliament of whores.

We were not too surprised to see a man who owns seven licensed Nevada brothels announce for US Senate.

He bragged he had no shortage of money or women. 

We saw his Exploratory Committee headed up by the Libertarian Party of Nevada Chairman, with this statement: 

"The possibility of having Dennis as the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate from Nevada is both exciting and unprecedented. If Dennis decides to run, the entire nation will be watching our senate race, and they will all see the clear differences between the Libertarian Party, and the Democrat and Republican duopoly.”

Can a Nevada brothel owner win election to US Senate as a Libertarian?

Facts are, No Libertarian yet won Nevada or US national office. Many tried. We proved that in 2014.

Is that like voting None of the Above?

There is a decent good real chance a true Independent non-party politician with sound experience and Christian Constitutional principles can win one for the gipper and people in 2016, the Year of the Independent.

Along the way to 2016 we provided Emergency Housing, Drug Diversion and Crisis Intervention with Aquarius House Inc and Psychological Services, for all ages, sexes and socioeconomic groups. 

We provided business finance plans for several successful small business job-creators that became multi-billion dollar enterprises.

They did not make us a billionaire, out of touch with the silent majority. 

We know how to keep our scruples and values.

We worked for charities, churches and successful national campaigns for Congress and President, including Father Drinan, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

We made over 58 thousand Tweets and published popular political issue blogs these last four years from Silver Senator 2012.

We enjoyed correspondence with both sitting Nevada US Senators.

We filed as candidate for two parties with minimal financial support to learn the rules.

We know in our heart and mind an Independent Candidate for All Seasons will win. 


Washington warned future generations of Americans:  

Commerce with all, alliances with none. 

We did not listen. We will learn the hard way.

We now agree with the father of our nation re party politics in his Farewell Address: 

"The common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it." 

When Washington became President of the United States in 1789, there were no political parties. He governed successfully with our Constitution and turned down a third term after reluctantly accepting a second term.

2016 is far beyond time for our Second American Revolution with Independent Christian Constitutional Representation. 

When we get enough money by January to petition, file and get the word out, call to call, face to face, social media and tweet to tweet, we are in it to win it.

It's up to all of US to make it happen.

Please stay in touch for Constitutional Solutions to America's most pressing problems of peace with prosperity, immigration, jobs, etc.

We pray these posts inspire you right now to Donate, Register, Volunteer and Vote the Silver Senator for True Constitutional Government, of the people, by the people and for the people.

To register non-partisan:

Let US know now how we can make Nevada and America better for you. 

Drop us a line. We read them all, thanks. 

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