Friday, August 28, 2015

Trump to Win?

Hat Tip Howard Stern 

Howard Stern predicts Trump will win GOP nod: 'People dig him'


Howard Stern predicts Trump will win GOP nod: 'People dig him'

Howard Stern is predicting that Donald Trump will be the 2016 GOP presidential nominee.

“I’ll tell you why I think he’s going to be the nominee: He’s proven that no matter what he says, people dig him,” the SiriusXM radio host told listeners on Monday. 
Voters, Stern continued, are of the mindset that “they hate illegal immigrants but they just feel funny saying it — whether it’s rational or not — ‘Is the illegal immigrant draining your economy?’ Possibly. ‘Is he taking away your job?’ Possibly.”

“I think more or less, people are super tired of politicians, meaning that they like the idea of a successful businessman running the country who might actually be able to get s--- done,” the veteran broadcaster said.

Trump has been a frequent guest on Stern’s show over the years.

“But the problem with it is, and Donald Trump will find this: being the president isn’t like being the president of a corporation,” Stern, 61, told co-host Robin Quivers. 

“You still got to go through Congress for everything you want to do. And that’s the tough part. You’ve got to be one who can consolidate on both sides of the aisle, some sort of coalition. 

And it’s very difficult.”

Stern said the real estate mogul’s supporters are comparing the 69-year-old White House contender to former President Reagan: 

“He was a B-list movie star who became a very successful president. 

And so they’re looking back to those days and going, ‘Hey, maybe that’s the answer.’ ”

“Forget all these politicians who are professionals,” Stern said of those backing Trump. 

“We want to try somebody who is used to a business kind of thing.” 

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