Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dear Congress, Court and President

Hat Tip to Uszly 
Dear Mr. President, Part 2: You Are Not My President
There's an op-ed on Fox this morning that you should read.
Christians are being beheaded in the Middle East and you have lectured us about the Crusades.  Christians have been killed in Charleston and you have preached to us about the National Rifle Association. Christians have now been singled out and murdered in Oregon and mum’s the word.  Why?
What would you have said, Mr. President, had the victims been Muslims?  What would you have said had they been targeted because they were transgender, gay, or wearing a hoodie?  Would you have condemned it?  Would you have called for hate-crimes legislation?  Would you have confronted the ideology that led to the crime?  Would you have lectured us about phobias and bigotry?
We already know that, don't we? Remember Mr. Zimmerman, who I remind you was acquitted of shooting Mr. Martin because he fired in self-defense after having his head bashed against a concrete sidewalk and in response exercised his God-given right to live instead of die at the hand of a thug who attacked him.
You, Mr. President, along with many others, first tried to paint him as a "white man" (false, he's Hispanic) and when that didn't work you called him a bigot anyway and supported those who took that view.  You even said you considered the dead Mr. Martin someone who could be "your son."
Indeed, you personally, Mr. President, fanned the flames of racial hatred in that circumstance, and despite your best effort both personally from your bully pulpit and in the press a jury of Mr. Zimmerman's peers found him not guilty.
There has not been one word about the fact that those who were Christian were targeted for execution in Oregon while others who professed some other faith, or none at all, were spared.
Then there are reports that members of the military which you command were ordered to ignore Muslims sexually assaulting young boys in Afghanistan.  One service member who ignored that order and intervened anyway has been discharged for doing so.  Got that folks: This man was discharged from the service for attempting to stop a young boy from being sexually assaulted in his anus by a Muslim Afghani thug.
Obama's military discharged this man from the service for his ethically and morally correct act and Obama, who has the authority as Commander in Chief to rescind that discharge and eject from the service anyone and everyone involved in it, has refused to do so.
Virtually every one of these shootings has taken place in a "Gun Free Zone", otherwise known by deranged criminals as a TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT WITH UNARMED VICTIMS.
Despite this fact Obama has done exactly nothing to remove those signs and demand repeal of the laws on the books enforcing same.
Instead he has threatened "executive action" to make a widow who sells her former husband's large and lawfully-owned gun collection a felon unless she first obtains a BATFE license as a gun dealer and complies with all of the commercial requirements for same.
Further nearly all of the shooters in these incidents, including the most-recent in Oregon and going all the way back to Columbine, were either on or withdrawing from drugs that have a black-label warning for suicide and uncontrolled rage among the specific age group of 15-25.  These shooters are virtually without exception in that age bracket.
The only exceptions of note that I'm aware of have been those who murdered in the name of Islam.
Mr. President, you have not said ONE WORD about removing those drugs from being able to be prescribed to persons aged 15-25 except where 24x7 monitoring can be provided, even though the correlation between people in that age group, the use of those drugs and these incidents is statistically off-the-charts in terms of the likelihood of that association not being a matter of random chance.
Instead what this President has done is demand that the people be disarmed while both dangerous thugs and those mentally addled by known dangerous substances handed out like candy are given posted places in which to go to and murder innocent, peaceful people who are obeying the law.  Worse, these are places that have a gross overrepresentation of our children present in them.
The Second Amendment does not exist so people can punch holes in paper or hunt for food.  That's a beneficial side effect.  The Second Amendment exists as a formal recognition of every human's Creator-Endowed Right to protect their own life in the gravest extreme, irrespective of why that extreme situation exists, when, or where.
You, Mr. President, are both trying to infringe on and deprive the American people of their GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO LIVE and at the same time you are sitting silently, despite the government having the regulatory power to put a stop to it, while others potentiate that threat to the people's lives for profit.
Your continued action and inaction is outrageous and it has gone on for long enough.  If you won't stop this crap then you must be impeached RIGHT DAMN NOW.  If Congress will not impeach for the high crime of intentionally endangering our youth among others and silently allowing the creation of these rage monsters to continue then the people must remove Congress from office en-masse and replace all of them with office-holders who will.
Mr. President, you may desire a socialist utopia in which there are no weapons (other than those possessed by your Secret Service agents) and thus you are the only one who can defend your life while the rest of us are defenseless but that's the position of a despotic King, not the President of a Constitutional Republic.
This nation is the latter, not the former, and you swore an oath to uphold the Constitution and defend same.

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