Sunday, September 13, 2015

Call for Circulators in 17 Nevada Counties

The Original Silver Senator:

We now welcome your help restoring Constitutional Government to these United States of America, including and especially Nevada. 

By Monday 4 January 2016 we need Circulators in all 17 Nevada Counties to gather 10,000 Independent Candidate US Senate Petition Signatures.

The Circulator is not required to be a registered voter in Nevada (Attorney General Opinion #99-37, dated 12/1/99)

The more the merrier.

Please email us your qualifications, first come, first served.

Thank you.

To guarantee our future, we first and foremost will elect the right people to represent US.
It's well beyond time for more common sense majority in government.

For this to happen, we must elect principled Independent Constitutional Candidates of character, unbeholden to special interest lobbyist funding or owned by billionaires.

Stay in touch for our Constitutional Solutions to America's most pressing problems of peace, power and prosperity, immigration, jobs, justice.

Share with family, friends, neighbours for better results.

We pray these posts inspire you right now to Circulate, Donate, Register, Volunteer and Vote Silver Senator 2016 for True Constitutional Government, of the people, by the people and for the people.

To register non-partisan:

Otherwise it's more politics as usual.

Let US know now how we can make Nevada and America better for you. 

Drop us a line. We read them all, thanks. 

Join and tweet our Silver Senator 2016 Campaign for Constitutional Government now:

We welcome your donations, passions, talents, time.
You can read, review and share our Campaign Works here:

Successful governing is not a popularity contest, but a firm lasting commitment to Constitutional principles.

Donate here now for our better future:

($27 to $2700 per election by law, individuals only, by 


Richard Charles
Silver Senator 2016
PO Box 1018
Crystal Bay
Nevada 89402-1018

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