Monday, October 12, 2015

Deadly Facts: Guns vs Government Healthcare

It was widely circulated by gun grabbers that more Americans were killed in the last 47 years by guns, than in all US Wars:

Consider actual gun violence in the United States.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013, firearms (excluding BB and pellet guns) were used in 11,208 deaths by homicide (3.5 per 100,000):

Contrast to 7.8 million healthcare deaths in just the last decade, more than all the casualties from wars that America fought in her entire history.

In just one year, there were 783,936 deaths by diagnostic procedures, medical treatment and healthcare costing 282 billion dollars.

We had an even higher death rate using Dr. Lucien Leape's 1997 medical and drug error rate of 3 million.

Multiplied by the fatality rate of 14 percent (that Leape used in 1994), we arrive at an annual death rate of 420,000 for drug errors and medical errors combined. If we put this number in place of Lazorou's 106,000 drug errors and the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) 98,000 medical errors, we could add another 216,000 deaths making a total of 999,936 healthcare deaths annually. Any medical procedure that is invasive and not necessary must be considered as part of the larger healthcare picture.

The figures on unnecessary events represent people ("patients") who are thrust into the health care system. 

Each one of these 16.4 million lives was affected in a way that could have a fatal consequence. Simply entering a hospital resulted in the following (out of 16. 4 million people):
  • 2.1 percent chance of a serious adverse drug reaction (186,000)
  • 5 percent to 6 percent chance of acquiring a nosocomial [hospital] infection (489,500)
  • 4 percent to 36 percent chance of having an iatrogenic injury in hospital (medical error and adverse drug reactions) (1.78 million)
  • 17 percent chance of a procedure error (1.3 million)
All the statistics above represent a one-year time span.

Consider the numbers over a 10-year period. 

Working with the most conservative figures from statistics we project the following 10-year death rates. Our projected statistic of 7.8 million healthcare deaths is more than all the casualties from wars that America has fought in its entire history. 

Our projected figures for unnecessary medical events occurring over a 10-year period: 

These projected figures show that a total of 164 million people, approximately 56 percent of the population of the United States, were treated unnecessarily by the medical industry—in other words, nearly 50,000 people per day.

ObamaCare is an expensive tax. Our Second Amendment protects our freedoms to keep the peace. 

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