Friday, September 4, 2015

Why We Accept Donations from Real People

Ever wonder why Congress, Courts and Presidents ship American jobs offshore?

The Big Influence of the Big Box

Walmart and Home Depot are ranked among the top 100 political donors overall for the period since 1989, putting their fingerprints on tax and labor law...

The domination of wealth in our electoral process can significantly affect public policy...

The priorities of the affluent often diverge from majority opinion. On issues like taxation, economic regulation, Social Security, and the minimum wage, the differences can be stark...

Since the beginning of the Great Recession in 2007, the Walton family wealth has grown by 96 percent while the typical American household’s net worth fell by 40 percent...

Companies like Walmart rely on a business model that depends on tax payers to support their low-wage workforce, while simultaneously aiming their political spending to reduce their own tax burdens...

With the exception of Costco, all of the country's largest big-box retailers spend significant and growing amounts of money on lobbying...

The ability of companies to win policy outcomes through massive spending on behalf of their financial interests is problematic for a Congress charged with serving the people...

The market value of an additional dollar spent on lobbying could be as high as $200...

It is time to tell retailers that democracy is not for sale...

To save our future we first and foremost have to elect the right people to represent US.
It's well beyond time for more common sense majority in government.

For this to happen, we must first elect Independent Constitutional Candidates, unbeholden to special interest lobbyist funding or owned by billionaires.

Stay in touch for our Constitutional Solutions to America's most pressing problems of peace, power and prosperity, immigration, jobs, justice.

Share with family, friends, neighbours for better results. 

We pray these posts inspire you right now to Donate, Register, Volunteer and Vote Silver Senator 2016 for True Constitutional Government, of the people, by the people and for the people.

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