Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gallup Outs Guv and a Few More: Support Silver Senator Here Now

Why we will reform Nevada US Senate as the true Constitutional Independent with your support

Confidence in Institutions

June 2015: How Much Confidence Do You Have in Each of These Institutions in American Society? 

That's 4% for our Congress!

Fellow citizens, our mutual prosperity depends upon due process, free economy, free elections, free speech, integrity, legal protection of liberty, life, property and self-defense.

Therefore we are only the leading Constitutional Independent Candidate for liberty, life, peace and prosperity.

We are not funded by special warfare welfare interests with anti-American conflicts of interest.

Thus we count on your self-interest and support now to win Independent Constitutional Representative Leadership for you and yours in 2016 and beyond:



Let's feel free to cancel paper propaganda, turn off TV brainwash, eschew social media espionage, yank cable umbilical cords to think for ourselves, family, friends, community, state and country.

Let's give, get out and about, to help US win freedom, peace, prosperity and American values.

Thank you.

Richard Charles
PO Box 1018
Crystal Bay
Nevada 89402-1018

(702) 569-9493

Never or Now

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